Nikon Eclipse MA200

  • Ergonomic Inverted box type design microscope with all controls located in the front
  • Solid Aluminum casting for improved stability.
  • CF160-2 Long working distance Objectives, offering BF/DF/DIC and Polarizations techniques.
  • Surface Image observation method
  • 5 position nose-piece with optional motorized and BF 7 position (intelligent)
  • Optional NIS-Elements Imaging Software Solutions
  • Optional Digital Sight Camera solutions
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Nikon Eclipse MA100

  • Nikon CFI60-2 Objective Options
  • Solid Aluminum casting for improved stability
  • Brightfield and Polarization observation with reversed image method
  • Brightfield 5-position nosepiece
  • 50 x 50 Stage, with 2 stage inserts
  • Optional NIS-Elements Software: Materials Cast Iron Module
  • Optional Digital Sight Camera solutions
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  • Graduated micrometer eyepiece
  • Stable large-rim base (removable on SBS-20L2, SBS-40L2)
  • Built-in LED Lighting (Model SBS-20L2, SBS-40L2)
  • Conforms to tolerances per ASTM & ISO 17025 standards
  • Certified and ready to use
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Detroit Testing Machine Company

EV-745 Microscope

  • Magnification accurate from 7x~45x
  • 10x eye pieces with fine focus
  •  Individually adjustable lamp brightness
  • Two light sources: incident and transmit
  • Comfortable rubber lens guards
  • Camera Port
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Clark Instrument