CMS abrasive Sectioning machine

Abrasive Sectioning Machines

  • Spindle design with high precision bearings, radial and axial loading capacities
  • Safety sensor confirms when spindle stops allowing the top cover to be opened.
  • Front and rear limit sensors control the cutting distance.
  • Intuitive operation panel.
  • Both manual and auto mode X axis hand wheel table control.
  • Ampere meter displays load of cutting motor.
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Clark CMP Mounting Press

Mounting Presses

  • Upper mold head assembly provides smooth operation.
  • 7″ color touch screen with preprogrammed settings and two user define settings
  • Color status bar with pressure, heat, cure and cool times displayed.
  • Rugged mold enclosure with integrated side dust extractor
  •  Electro-hydraulic design for extremely quiet operation
  •  Built in applications include Bakelite Epoxy and Thermoplastics mounts
  • Integrated dust exhaust system with HEPA filtration, ESD safe. (Optional)
  • Recirculation system with fan cooled radiator and stainless steel tank. (optional)
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CMGP grinding polishing machine

Grinding and Polishing Machines

  • Precise rotational balance under the most intense force
  • Solid waterproof construction
  • Anti-leak main shaft for protection of bearings and electronics
  • Adjustable stainless steel water faucet
  • Color Touch Screen with friendly intuitive users interface
  • Central or Individual pressure applications can be selected
  • Includes one flexible gravity drip dispenser with options to add an additional auto dispenser
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