Stage Micrometer

Sun-Tec Microscopes Stage Micrometer
Detroit Testing Machine Company

Stage Micrometer

The Detroit Testing Machine Company Stage Micrometer is a 10mm linear X-axis scale, commonly used for the verification of Indentation Measuring Systems (Brinell Measuring Scopes). The superior line edge quality at 100 µm (0.1mm) divisions makes it the preferred choice for low power magnification. When combined with NIST traceable calibration (optional), the stage micrometer allows for more efficient and precise measurements. This Stage Micrometer is mounted within a rugged steel frame for durability, providing years of use.

Special Features

  • Brinell measurement verification tool
  • 10mm linear X axis scale
  • Superior line-edge quality
  • Rugged steel frame

Additional Information

Weight100 grams
Accredited CalibrationYes, No
MaterialChrome on OPAL mounted in Steel Frame
PolarityPositive Image
Overall Size52mm x 52mm
Scale AxisX-Axis only
Scale Length10mm (Metric)
Divisions100μm (0.1mm) (Metric)