Mounting Presses

Powerful heating elements allow for extremely quick mounts within minutes

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Clark CMP Mounting Press
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Mounting Presses

The Clark Instrument CMP Series Automatic Mounting Press is ideal for a variety of sample mounting materials and resins. It is capable of mounting both single or dual mounted samples, and includes a rugged upper mold design with a slide closure for one hand operation. This enclosed system allows for the sample to be installed and removed much more easily and safely than previous designs. In addition, the CMP provides shortened run-times through the use of its quick preheating function and cooling of samples.
Special Features

Special Features

  • Upper mold head assembly provides smooth operation.
  • 7″ color touch screen with preprogrammed settings and two user define settings
  • Color status bar with pressure, heat, cure and cool times displayed.
  • Rugged mold enclosure with integrated side dust extractor
  •  Electro-hydraulic design for extremely quiet operation
  •  Built in applications include Bakelite Epoxy and Thermoplastics mounts
  • Integrated dust exhaust system with HEPA filtration, ESD safe. (Optional)
  • Recirculation system with fan cooled radiator and stainless steel tank (shown) available. (optional)




MOLD CYLINDER SIZEChoose from 1.25", 1.50", 32mm, 40mm, 50mm50mm (opotional sleeves 1.25", 1.50", 32mm, 40mm
PRESSURE SYSTEMCPU controlled hydraullic operation -- 2500-4500 psi by 10 psi
TEMPERATURE CONTROLF°/C° selectable from 212-392° F / 100-200° C (set x1° increments)
HEATING TIME CONTROL1-59 minutes, set in 1 min / 1 sec increments
COOLING CONTROL104-158°F (40-70°C) (cool-down dependent on cylinder temperature preset )
COOLING SYSTEM External Water Supply: Min. Pressure of Water Supply: 2L / minute through 2 connected tubes
MACHINE TYPETable Top – Aluminum Frame with hard-coated FRP cover
DIMENSIONS16" x 24" x 21" (410 x 600 x 533 mm)
WEIGHT191 lb. (87 kg)
POWER SUPPLY220 VAC 1Ø 8.7 amp 1920 Watt (Optional: 120 VAC 1Ø 16 amp 1920 Watt (specify prior to ordering)
STANDARD ACCESSORIES Silicon mold release, Bakelite, spoon and necessary tubing for operation
* Please specify power requirements. Appearance and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Capacity40 L (10.5 gal)
Pump1/8 hp
Flow of Water Supply4 L/min
Dimensions21.25 in W x 15.75 in D x 18.7 in H
(540 mm W x 400 mm D x 475 mm H)
Weight66 lb (30 kg)
SupplyPlugs directly into Mounting Press: Switchable 115V or 220V.
Additional Features
  • Quick-Connect coolant system
  • Radiator-cooled reservoir
  • Heavy duty casters
  • Temperature coolant gauge
  • We recommend the use of our corrosion inhibitor additive when using this recirculator.