Nikon Eclipse MA200 Microscope

Nikon’s Most Advanced, Modular, Ergonomic, Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Sun-Tec Microscopes Nikon Eclipse MA200

Nikon Eclipse MA200

The Nikon ECLIPSE MA200 is a flexible, modular, inverted microscope of innovative box design for episcopic optical contrast inspection techniques in conjunction with digital imaging solutions. It is ideal for metallurgical R&D, Inspections, Quality Control with meeting a wide range of applications.

Special Features

  • Ergonomic Inverted box type design microscope with all controls located in the front
  • Solid Aluminum casting for improved stability.
  • CF160-2 Long working distance Objectives, offering BF/DF/DIC and Polarizations techniques.
  • Surface Image observation method
  • 5 position nose-piece with optional motorized and BF 7 position (intelligent)
  • Optional NIS-Elements Imaging Software Solutions
  • Optional Digital Sight Camera solutions


MAIN BODYFocusing mechanism
Focusing nosepiece (Fixed stage) Coaxial coarse/fine adjustment knob (torque adjustable)
Coarse adjustment of 4.0 mm per rotation, fine adjustment of 0.2 mm per rotation
With flare prevention, Built-in UV cut filter
Field diaphragm: dialing continuous variable (centerable), Aperture diaphragm: dialing continuous variable (centerable)
Filter: Double turret (ND16, ND4/GIF, NCB, Additional option available), Polarizing block (Selectable with or without 1/4 Plate)
Fluorescence filter blocks: B/G/V/BV, Built in 12 V 50 W halogen lamp, C-HGFI HG Fiber Illuminator
Light distribution
Eyepiece tube/Back port: 100/0, 55/45
OPTICSCFI60 /CFI60-2 system
OBSERVATION METHODBright/Darkfield/Simple Polarizing/DIC/Epi-Fluorescence
RESOLVING NOSEPIECESMA2-NUI5: Bright/Darkfield/ DIC 5 position nosepiece, LV-NU5A: Motorized Bright/Darkfield/DIC 5 position nosepiece D-NID6: Brightfield 6 position nosepiece (Intelligent), D-NI7: Brightfield 7 position nosepiece (Intelligent)
STAGEMA-SR Rectangular 3-plate Stage
50 x 50 mm stroke (includes two stage inserts (u00f820mm and 40mm opening) and coaxial control handle on the right side
Dimension: 295 x 215 mm, Stroke: 50 mm x 50 mm (with distance graduation), Standard accessory: u00f822 universal specimen holder (with sample clip)
TRINOCULAR EYEPIECESeidentopf, interpupillary distance adjustment 50-75 mm
POWER INPUT 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
WEIGHTApprox. 26 kg (depends on combination)
OPTIONIntermediate magnification Turret (1x, 1.5x, 2x), Status detection (Output magnification information to main unit)
MA2-GR Grain Reticle (ASTM E112-63 grain sizing numbers 1 to 8), Grid Reticle (20 lines, 0.5 mm)
MA2-MR Scale Reticle (compatible with 5-100x, Read in um, Dialing System)