CLC-200R Rockwell-Type Hardness Tester

Fully-automatic load-cell feedback system

clark instrument clc-200r hardness tester
Clark Instrument

CLC-200R Hardness Tester

The Clark CLC-200R is one of the most versatile and easy to use Rockwell type testers available. It uses direct loading, state of the art load cell technology and direct linear displacement that’s activated by simple touch-screen operation. All Rockwell scales, regular and superficial, are fully automatic. And errors have virtually been eliminated by removing the use of knobs and stacking of weights typically associated with most testers. Simply input the scale on the touchscreen and let the tester do the rest.

Special Features

  • Fully-automatic load-cell feedback system
  • Vivid color LCD display with one-touch operation
  • Performs 30 different “Rockwell” (Regular and Superficial) and light load Brinell tests
  • Direct load method. Load-cell feedback/direct linear displacement measurement
  • Selectable minor/major load combinations (3 to 200Kg)
  • Up to 2000 point data memory capacity
  • One piece, heavy-duty cast housing with enclosed load cell
  • Complies with ASTM & ISO 17025 Standards


CLC 200R

Minor Load3 (29.42) 10kgf (98.07 N)
Test Load15 (147.1), 30 (294.2), 45 (441.3), 60 (588.4), 100 (980.7), 150 kgf (1471 N)6.25 61.29), 7.81 (76.61), 10 (98.07), 15.62 (153.2), 20 (196.1), 25 (245.2), 30 (294.2), 31.25 (306.5), 40 (392.3), 62.5 (612.9), 100 (980.7), 120 (1177), 125 (1226), 187.5 kgf (1839 N)
Minor Load Position SettingAutomatic setting (electronic sound monitoring)
Flexible SettingAvailable 2 load setting within Min. 3kgf (29.42N) and Max. 200kgf (1961N)
LOAD CONTROLAutomatic (loading, holding, removing method)
LOADING SPEEDMin: 200mm per sec / Max: 140μm per sec. / 13s per cycle
DWELL TIME1~999 sec (Key entry in units of seconds)
RESOLUTIONDisplay: either 0.1 or 0.01HR
PLASTIC MEASUREMENTAvailable load control method conforming to ASTM D 785
HARDNESS CONVERSIONHardness conversion capable in compliance with ASTM (E-140), and JIS
OK/NG CRITERIAUpper and lower limits setting and OK/NG display (HR 0 to 130, min. 0.1 hardness setting)
SELF DIAGNOSISTroubleshoot display for motors and switches
SCALE DISPLAYC, D, A, G, GW, B, BW, F, FW, K, KW, E, EW, H, HW, P, PW, M, MW, L, LW, V, VW, S, SW, R, RW, 15N, 30N, 45N, 15T, 15TW, 30T 30TW, 45T, 45TW, 15W, 15WW, 30W, 30WW, 45W, 45WW, 15X, 15XW, 30X, 45XW, 15Y, 15YW, 30Y, 30YW, 45Y, 45YW
HR DATA CORRECTION5 Points max on HR, offset on HR, HR on convex cylinders, HRC on convex round surfaces (Complies w/ ASTM E 18 / JIS Z 2245)
HR DATA EDITINGData editing / statistic data (test times/Max./Min./mean/range/Std. deviation dispersion) / graph and histogram display
MAX. INDENTATION DEPTHDetection and output of maximum indentation depth
SPECIAL TEST MODEDetection and memory of the displacement of the Load & indentation depth upon loading. (Optional output to PC)
BRINELL TEST MODEDisplay HB hardness based on depth of indentation (ASTM E 103)
OUTPUT SIGNALRS232C (baud rate: 300~19200, factory setting/1200 bps) & CENTRONICS
DATA PRINT OUT MODEHR Value, HR & conversion, HR & depth of indentation, HR & OK-NG criteria, HR & stat, HR, mean & OK-NG criteria,conversion data, conversion & OK-NG criteria, conversion & statistics, conversion, mean & OK-NG criteria, maximum depth of indentation
MAX. HEIGHT X DEPTH10" (255mm) X 6.7" (170mm)
ACCURACYConforms to tolerances per ASTM E 18 / ASTM E 140 / ASTM D 785 / ISO 6505-2 / ISO 6508-2 / ISO6506-2
DIMENSIONS8" (220mm) x 18" (465mm) x 32" (810mm)
WEIGHTAprx. 220 Lbs / 99.7 kg
POWER SUPPLY120 VAC 1Ø 2A / (AC 100~240V) please specify
Hardness Standards: HRC, HRBW, HR30N, HR30TW1ea.
Diamond Indenter1 “C” & “N”
1/16" Carbide Ball Indenter1
V-Anvil 1 1/2" (40mm)1
Flat Anvil 2 1/2" (60mm)1
Machine Cover, Accessory Box, Manual, Leveling Leg Set